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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Too Hot to Trot

When I lived in Minnesota, it seemed that every summer erased the knowledge that winter was very, very cold, so we all kinda seemed shocked at the end of October when the leaves fell and the first snow arrived, and we always seemed miffed by the beginning of January that it was so bitterly cold and that winter had already felt so long. Soon enough, March and April would trot out some fine weather and once again the population would forget sub-zero temperatures and frosted car windshields. The same holds true in South Florida, but it is the opposite weather, opposite season, opposite climatic torture.

The "winter" months are so temperate and pleasant that citizens begin to forget what lurks around the corner once spring breakers have permanently left the state. The temperature rises, the humidity increases, and each day that creeps closer and closer to the official summer feels like I am getting closer and closer to the flames of hell. In the last week, it felt like the heat arrived all of a sudden (although I knew this was not true), and if you stood outside in midday today, you'd most likely burst into flames within minutes (as compared to the height of summer when it will only take a few seconds -- 1.2 in fact, that's science and you can't argue with that). This extreme heat makes running not just difficult but downright unbearable.

The other afternoon I thought it was late enough in the day, and there was cloud cover for Christ's sake, that I could take a quick run. Wrong. Midway through my run I was certain that my head was going to pop off and my body would lay by the sidewalk for days (even wild dogs have the good sense to stay indoors where it's air conditioned). Thankfully, I survived the run, but I knew that it was the end of trying to sneak runs in while the sun was shining. This means I have three options now: Run early in the morning, late in the evening, or inside on the treadmill.

I complain about the heat now, but by July, I'll forget what 70 and a cool breeze means. And by August, I'll be pissed that summer has lasted so long, but I won't really be able to recall any other weather.

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Liv said...

I know what you mean... in Toronto we get the double-whammy: cold, snowy winter and hot, smoggy summer. Last summer I attempted morning runs a couple of times, but my internal clock rebelled and demanded night-time runs instead. Plus, at night, you are safe from running into the miasma of the garbage truck wafting along on a rapidly-heating breeze. Uggghhhh... that's a pukey experience.

And some days, of course, the treadmill and an air-conditioned gym is not a bad last resort.