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Sunday, June 08, 2014

The Mizuno Baton

Most runners are familiar with running for charitable causes -- mainly through races designed for this purpose, or perhaps through fundraising like TNT -- but, Mizuno has recently begun a unique opportunity for runners to contribute in individual ways and Mizuno asks that you do nothing but run.  No fees or expenses on your end, no begging friends for donations: Just run as many miles as possible in 7 days' time.

For every mile you run, and record via Mizuno's Baton App, Mizuno will donate $1 to Back on My Feet, a charity devoted to providing homeless runners with running shoes, apparel, and opportunity.  Back on My Feet is a reputable charity, and once I heard about Mizuno's App, I knew I wanted to help contribute my mileage.

To join is simple, so I began today.

I went to the App Store on my phone and downloaded the app (free).

Then, I followed the simple steps for getting started, and with today's run, I activated the baton.

You have to run with your phone because the app utilizes the phone's GPS to verify mileage.  So, they're not just trusting runners to be honest (which we are); this kinda sucks because that means the only donatable mileage is outdoor mileage that can be confirmed via the app.  

I only say this sucks because I just got my treadie, and like a kid with a new toy, I really want to play with it.  Still, "they" say absence makes the heart grow fonder, so I guess next week, the 'mill will get some extra run-love.

Back to today's run: I ran the nearby greenway, which is 5.6 miles in length, and it was a nice, cloudy day for a run.

Garmin's record for the run:

The app's record added a smidge more distance (and, thus, moola -- if you want to get excited about an additional 5 cents).

It's a cool feeling to know that running what I would've run anyway did a wee bit to help runners who are less fortunate.  It might also be the push I need to up the mileage in the remaining 6 days!

If you're interested, you too can follow the same steps and "pass the baton"!


One Crazy Penguin said...

I love this! Definitely going to download and run with it.

Julie D said...

That sounds like a great app! I might have to take this on my evening walks.

Carb-a-Holic said...

Thanks for sharing this. My FIL is doing this thanks to you. I read about it via your blog and Instagram and shared it with him. Just the little motivation he needs since he's 60 and starting to run again after 20 years!