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Monday, June 16, 2014

Park Oddities

Here in the Winston-Salem, NC area, there are two playground curiosities that have confounded me:

1.  There is the strange absence of playground covers, and in general, there are VERY few parks with adequate shade.  With highs this week predicted to be in the 90's, that makes parks hellish heat traps. 

2.  There is the odd abundance of metal slides.

And by "abundance," I mean I've seen more than 1 when I thought they'd gone the way of the saber-toothed tiger.  Why even have these scorching beasts anymore?  Just for the pleasure of searing the thigh flesh off small children? 

From those two pieces of evidence, only the following deduction is logical: This city/county wants to fry its children, much like its chicken -- nice and crispy.

Maybe to reduce future education expenses?


Carolina John said...

bwahahahaha, oh the metal slide. I thought they were gone as well. Oh well, sometimes NC is behind the times. But yea, there should be more shade. I always long for more shade at the parks in Raleigh.

Unknown said...

I live in Illinois and it's always been that way here too. We're lucky we get playground equipment at all!