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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

National Running Day and the New Mill

This morning, my new treadmill was delivered!

For as long as I've been running (9 years), I've never owned my own treadmill, and even though I find the treadmill a bit boring to run on, I can't deny the convenience of one.

Especially since starting my streak, 515 days ago, I've longed for one since a personal treadmill ensures that there's ALWAYS a way to get a daily run done.  But, in our FL home, we lacked the space.  So, once we knew we were moving in to a larger home here in NC, I began scouting treadmills.

I researched a lot of recommendations and read a lot of reviews and consumer reports, but in the end, it was my brother's treadmill recommendation that was the most helpful.  He and his wife don't buy dinner without exhaustive research, so I knew their recommendation meant that they'd done everything short of tour the manufacturing plant in their homework.

So, he said "Sole," and I said "Sole-kay!"

I bought it on Memorial Day at Dick's Sporting Goods, but it took a bit to schedule the delivery and set up, so it was pure coincidence that I received it today, on National Running Day.


I had it set up in the garage, and after the assembly and demonstration, I changed into my running clothes to test it out!

I only ran 3 miles -- wherein, I was interrupted more times than miles to fetch snacks, waters, open the sand box, escort someone to the potty, and ease someone's woe over an argument about a chair in the treehouse -- but, it WAS nice to do those miles whilst taking care of everything I'd have to do anyway.  

Cuz that sandbox doesn't open itself.

Of course, after my run, Norah too needed to take it for a spin.  She found the experience disorienting and told me it was "weird."  

Good.  If they don't like it, maybe even fear it a little (my stern safety lecture MAY have included a description of it gobbling them up, destroying Santa, and melting the Easter bunny), then it's mine!  ALL mine!

My precious...


Julie D said...

Super jealous! But I think you totally deserve it based on your commitment! I'm sure it will see a lot of use.

runner26 said...

Norah has awesome running duds! I just got Willa some running shorts and a tech tee (under armor?). Too cute! Hope you love the treadie!

Anonymous said...

I love Caleb's crooked shorts. So cute! -- Rhiannon

Charis Faith said...

I just laughed out loud over the threat of the treadmill eating them, santa and the Easter bunny!!! I love the treadmill because I don't run in the rain and I'm a wimp in too hot or too cold weather so oftentimes the treadmill is why I have no excuse not to run!