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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Flesh Wound

I am pretty vain about my feet, and I usually treat myself to regular pedicures.  But, this summer has been very busy and I've had little time for those luxuries.

Long story, short: My heels are as thick as hooves.

So, as any grosso would, I pick at the layers of dead skin as I mindlessly watch tv in the evenings.  Turns out, I dug a little Grand Canyon in my right heel and now it's killing me, Smalls.

The irony here is that now I REALLY can't go get a pedicure so they can take that cheese grater thingy to my heels to slough off the thick calluses because anyone with a forebrain knows you can't get a pedicure with an open lesion.  That's just asking for an infection.

So, I'm dutifully applying Neosporin and limping around on it.

Of course, it hasn't kept me from streaking: Unless that foot falls off, I'm still running. 


Erin said...

You and my mother should compare notes on flesh wounds on your feet. She picks at them too.

Julie D said...

Ouch! Keep it (the wound) clean, yo! I also appreciate the lack of photographic evidence.

I'm terrified to get mani/pedis... so I do my own, and it looks... meh. Although, I could really use one... I've got thickened areas all over, and probably not from running... but from high heels.