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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Run for Boston

Monday evening, the local Ft Lauderdale running community gathered for a run to demonstrate support for Boston and to raise money for the victims and their families.

It was a rainy night, and I questioned whether or not they would hold the event; and if so, if I wanted to run.  That sounds wussy, I know, "I don't wanna get wet even though the run supports a noble cause, wah, wah, wah," which is exactly why I still went despite the downpour.  I know that runners at Boston did all kinds of courageous and noble acts for those who were injured and killed; the least I could do was show up and run in the rain.

Once gathered, a few "leaders" said some words, we shared in a moment of silence, we sang the National Anthem (particularly tugged at the ole heart strings this time), we posed for a giant group pic, and then we ran.  Around a track.

Since it was literally pouring, some runners just ran a "symbolic" lap or two, maybe a mile, but others, like myself, ran 3+ miles.  For selfish reasons more than anything, I wanted to get at least 3 miles done, and after I was soaked within the first lap, I figured, "Eh, may as well do what I can out here."

The event sold out of the t-shirts they'd ordered, and they managed to have a really significant turn out, especially considering the weather, so they were able to raise a nice little sum for The One Fund.  I got there too late for a tee but still donated some moola, so I got to benefit from the warm fuzzies even without the tee.

All around, it was a feel-good run-sperience. 

Plus, Monday was my birthday -- yes, the Earth graciously shared the day with ME.  So, in honor of the day, my 35th birthday, I made sure my mileage was an even 3.5.

Maybe one of these years, I'll actually run the number of miles for the number of years old I am, but every year that I put that off, the harder I make the goal.  Hmmmm, this is one of those "better sooner than later" goals, isn't it?


B. Kramer said...

Happy belated birthday. I wish we had warm enough rain for one of these great rainy runs. Kudos and cheers!

Carly said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Despite the rain it was a great reason to have a great run. Nice job on the 3.5 miles.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Glad you didn't wuss out! Happy belated 35th.....

Kathee said...

Happy Birthday! The Salt lake (utah) running company held a memorial run for Boston and they had over 700 people show up! Amazing!!

runner26 said...

happy birthday! sounds like you earned those 3.5 miles!

James said...

Happy Birthday. Sounds like a good event.