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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Moving Along

With such a major event on Monday, it's felt a little odd resuming the normal routine, but that's the business of living: We have to get to it.


The running here this week has been a lesson in adaptation.  Mother Nature decided, "Meh?  Why not just go ahead and make it summer!"  I know that many people in the rest of North America are shaking angry fists at the heavens cursing Mother Nature's refusal to move forward out of winter, but here, she decided to just skip ahead to July. 

It's April, dammit.  We're supposed to get a wee bit more of the temperate weather, aren't we?  Nope, guess not.

Thus, there's really only one word to describe the running this week: Sweaty.

You'd think I'd be used to such bodily effusion, but honestly, after months of lovely weather, it's a bit of an adjustment to suddenly be out there thinking, "Sweet Jesus, I'm melting!"

Oh well, best get used to it: It's not gonna get any cooler here in the next six months!


bobbi said...

Mother Nature is on crack this year. All my MN friends are complaining that it won't stop snowing...

Amy said...

No kidding it is hot this week here. Yesterday I got myself good and dehydrated with my mid-day run. Guess I'm a bit out of practice with the summer weather. Paying more attention today.

Unknown said...

and we're getting some cold days. mother nature is tempermental!

B. Kramer said...

Spring arrived yesterday in Northeast Ohio. Of course, it might snow tomorrow and kill all the new buds. That is all to say, no pity for you.

Carolina John said...

yea we went straight to summer here too. no more spring! We got no spring at all. absurd.

runner26 said...

i can't even imagine temps in the 90s anymore. we woke up to sub freezing this morning. and i have a feeling we will skip straight to summer as well. just after a few more freezing days..

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