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Thursday, April 04, 2013

March Tally

So, we're 4 days into April, and I realize that.  Kind of. 

March flew by for me -- it was a blur of spring break, then my grandpa's death and my subsequent trip to Wyoming, then Easter and a visit from my brother, and an unexpected visit from my SIL.  Before I knew it, March was in the rearview.

But, despite being a busy month, I still racked up 110 miles and continued my streak (total days now stacks up to 93!).  Plus, with a 10K at the beginning of the month, I set a new 10K PR, and that was pretty awesome.

As for April, the goals remain straightforward: I'm very close to tying my previous 100 day streaks, and dare I say it, I believe I will exceed those previous 100 day streaking barriers.  Thus, I plan to continue freakin' streakin'! 

Also, this weekend, I have another 10K, and while the bar is high for my level of awesomeness, we'll see if I can clear that bar.  As for the month's mileage, if I continue streaking, I should be able to maintain the standard I've set in the first 3 months of the year: Run at least 100 miles a month.  Last year, April was one of my lowest mileage months (I only ran 60 miles in April 2012), so if I hit the 100 mile milestone this month, I'll be pleased.

And, after April, my academic year pretty much comes to a close, so then it's just 4 months of straight up summer running!


Carolina John said...

yea I turned around twice and march was gone. It really flew by!

It's incredibly cool to meet the goals like that. I'll take a month with a streak, a pr, and over 100 miles any time I could get it. Great job!

B. Kramer said...

I need to leach some of your motivation. Awesome job ... once again ... cheers!

Kevin said...

Great job racking up the miles and setting a new 10K PR. Congrats. Keep it up

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