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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ahhhh, That's More Like It!

After complaining about weekend heat, the running gods were like, "Ok, ok, sheesh, we'll give you one last cool spell!"

So, today, I woke to some lovely cool weather that's supposed to last a day or few. Nice. I'll take it.

I can't say I'm a faster or a better runner when I have temperate weather, but I can say the running is more comfortable, and therefore, more enjoyable. For me, it's a simple formula: If it feels good to be outside, I feel good running out there.

Do you have a "perfect" temp for running?


Unknown said...

I like running in temps around 50deg the most

Carolina John said...

41* is supposed to be the ideal temp for the start of a full marathon. outside of that I have no preference besides just saying the cooler the better. Doing these dang 90*+ half marathons at the end of a triathlon is stupid.

Matt said...

I don't mind what temp really, but not above 25c. If there's light drizzle, that suits me fine! Soo refreshing.

Anonymous said...

Pretty much the perfect temperature here in AZ is late Fall through early Spring, which unfortunately includes my hibernation period of Winter. Enjoy the good weather while you can!