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Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's Been a Spell

So, I've been AWOL for a bit. 
No one thing, just an accumulation of things.  End of the semester, a trip to Disney, and now summer SAHMing have all kept me away from blogging the past few weeks.  Maybe I'll be a more regular blogger this summer; we'll see.
We're still settling into a summer routine, and we have some activities planned, but most don't begin until the end of this week and beginning of next: Kids are gonna do gymnastics and swimming lessons, and I have been scouting the library story time classes, as well as the community ed classes for tots (maybe a crafty art class or something, we'll see).  In the meantime, what we mostly plan to do this summer is go to parks and swim in the pool.  We've already gotten plenty of pool time in:
On the running front, I continue to streak, and as of yesterday's run, I'm at Day #135.  In those days, I've run 478 miles.  Nothing epic, but I'm kinda working up to epic this summer.  Summer heat isn't really conducive to epic mileage, but my time is.  So I'm probably gonna sweat myself silly in the next few months, but I'd do that anyway.
Lastly, I got myself a new pair of shoes.
For those who are friends with me on Facebook, you already know that these shoes were 3 weeks from order to arrival, and their journey from an Amazon warehouse to my front door was fraught with mishaps; for those who aren't on FB with me, know that it was a GIANT pain to get these -- apparently, some packages just go to Opa Locka, FL and stay there.
Anyhoo...these are Saucony's Virratas, which are touted as a hybrid between minimalist and stability shoe.  As you know, I've toyed with various minimalist shoes, but haven't ever found a satisfying pair.  I don't know if these will be either.  I've given them 2 runs so far, and I don't yet have a feel for them.  Like any new pair of shoes, they take a bit of adjusting, but because they are also a "bit minimalist," they take quite a bit of adjusting (considering I ran the previous 471 miles of the year in my trusty Brooks Adrenalines, which are just getting to feel really broken in and perfect).
Once I've given these Virrata's some significant mileage, I'll let you know my thoughts; for now, we're just getting to know each other.
Lastly, this summer, I've decided to give both push ups and sit ups a "go."  I downloaded these apps on my phone that take me through 3 days a week plans to get me to do a bazillion of each.  I'm modifying both: With the sit ups, I'm just doing crunches; and with the push ups, I'm doing them "girly style."  But, dang those push ups slay me.  Yesterday, I did 5 sets of varying reps for a total of 57!  My arms were like useless slabs of meat afterward.
And, I'm on week 2.
On this path, I should be The Hulk by August.


Unknown said...

Glad you finally got your shoes! I love Amazon's customer service. I never hesitate to order from them because they make things right even when it isn't necessarily their fault.

Crissy Rae said...

Gymnastics and swimming...sounds like the perfect mix of summer fun! Looks like you guys had a great time at Disney too.

Good luck with the sit ups and push ups!

B. Kramer said...

Dang, killer! I don't think I could 57 girly push-ups, but I working on BEAST MODE via pull-ups and chin-ups. Sorry about the shoes. Hopefully, they're worth the wait. Cheers!

Elizabeth said...

Just remember....Abs are made in the kitchen!
I wish I would've realized that earlier...makes all the difference :)

Carolina John said...

those look like decent shoes. I like the minimalist feel & weight, but need the cushion for anything over 10k. I hybrid could either suck at both or be the perfect middle ground. and bone this summer heat. Im' sick of it already.