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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Notes on Site Meter

Lurkers: Honestly, I don't mind that you are reading -- I was kidding around with you. So please stay. Make yourselves comfy. Read on, my friends.

Bloggers who don't use site meter or who don't know what it is: Site meter tracks all traffic through your blog. It certainly is not a necessity, but it is fun to see how many hits you get an hour/day/week/month/to date. Plus, it provides you with detailed reports about that traffic: So if someone searched Google and found your blog, you can find what search phrase they used. You can also look at the location of all users (city, state, and country), you can find out what service provider they use, and if they linked to your blog, you can find out whose blog they linked through.

This info is mostly useless, unless you have ads on your blog, then tracking traffic is a bit more valuable, instead of just entertaining. My site meter is on the right sidebar, below the weather. That tells you how many hits I've had since I installed site meter in May of 2006 -- but they issue me a far more detailed report about once a week via email. If you would like site meter installed on your blog, it's super easy. Click on any blog's site meter and it's a hyperlink and will take you to the necessary info. Or, if you'd like, click here, and go straight to their home page.

The service is free, and somewhat interesting. But it won't add meaning to your life or even give you a hint as to the meaning of life. So, if you're searching for something more insightful, I suggest you check out another kind of website :)


Wes said...

So, if you're searching for something more insightful, I suggest you check out another kind of website

What? All this time wasted! Garrrrrrrrr!!!

Mendy said...

Alright - I have no life, and I'm waiting for some CD's to finish copying here at work, so I added it. I'm rather boring, so it will probably show that less people come to my blog via David's mostly.

Nancy said...

Thanks, Jess. I just use the google informatics and you can get to basically the same stuff, but you do sort of have to dig for it. I think it is "keywords" that tell you what people searched on. My most interesting?

"double jointed"


Lori said...

Nice explanation! Anymore subbing today? Your week sounds about as exciting as mine has been! :P

J~Mom said...

I do think the google part is the most interesting. I disabled google on my blog though. You can set some codes right on your header so that the google robots won't crawl your website.

Ian said...

I spend way too much time going through all the site meter stats that they provide me. It's really cool.

Does that make me a geek?

brunettechicagogal said...

REALLY...I am all over it. I guess, though, that it's not as much fun to use now that my blog is "private" (I use that term loosely since it seems that people can link to it via bloggers to whom I've given access).

Anonymous said...

Ooooo clever. I'm gonna try it out :)

RunMama said...

Okay so I lurk but I also have you on my "Keeping up with the Jones". Did I miss something? What ever happen to scooter and his posssible eviction from the manager?