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Saturday, October 20, 2007

No Running to Report

I started this week with so many good running intentions and I had a new goal: a 5K PR. I did a few runs at the beginning of the week, and I had lofty goals for the rest of the week, but since Monday, I haven't done any running. How have I let it slip away like this?

Wednesday -- costume shopping.

Thursday -- my long day of classes (I don't get home until 9:30 pm).

Friday -- well...We spent the evening watching "Transformers." (Which I give a mixed review on. I thought the graphics were unbelievable -- as in fantastic -- and, in many ways, it reminded me of my childhood playing with the toys. So the Tranformers? Good. Very good. The people in the film? Not really believable as humans. Their dialogue was unnatural and cliche, and sometimes their actions seemed less animated than the robots. I like Shia LeBeouf, though, even if some of his lines were terrible -- hey, he didn't write them -- he reminded me of the sort of charm Harrison Ford had in Star Wars. But his romantic interest? Wow, I could've done with her: In my opinion, she'd been better off posing for magazines since her demeanor was so waxen.)

Friday was the nice, relaxing evening that I needed, but no, no running. And today? We'll see. I have a lot of errands to run with the hubby. And I know I'll get back to a regular running routine soon enough, but maybe I jumped the gun on dedication earlier this week -- apparently I'm still in the I-deserve-to-eat-and-drink-and-do-no-excercise stage of the post marathon debacle.


Laura N said...

It's frustrating to not be able to fit it all in, isn't it? I love your Transformer review--the people weren't believable as humans-ha! Haven't seen it yet... will probably wait until it comes to the free movies on demand in a few months.

Have a good day with hubby.

Nancy said...

Good luck with that. One little two or three miler won't take long and may right the cart??!!

miss petite america said...

i heart shia lebouf. and i too think transformers lived up to it's reputation. i was so scared to see it but was very pleased when i did.

get your shiz done. the running will come soon enough. you'll miss it too much ;)

Nikki said...

Your not getting up at ungodly hours to run...I'm with yah on that sista!

Have a great saturday...runs or no runs.

BTW..what is up with scooter/house situation?

Marcy said...

Haven't seen the movie but Megan Fox is hot. I hope they covered her tats LMAO. She's got a HUGE one on her arm. I think she's engaged to Brian Austin Green (dude from 90210) (Wow, if only I spent more time cleaning my house than actually reading D-List celeb reports :P)

ws said...

good old shia...we loved Even Stevens in grad school...

when the running is ready to happen, it will.

enjoy the day.

keith said...

A little break never hurts. It's when they extend for a couple weeks that it starts to affect fitness. I have a friend who's been laid up with a bad back for about three weeks - he came in second in a 50 miler none too long ago and now his HR is going through the roof on easy runs as he gets his aerobic fitness back together again.

J~Mom said...

I think it's good to rest and refresh for a couple of weeks or as long as you need! You deserve it!

Tiffany said...

Missed ya at the race this morning. I looked all over (high and low) for you :)

Here is a good date story for you... I got "set up" with a guy who showed up in JEAN SHORTS, had a velcro wallet, and made me pay for my part of the bill. I threw down cash and ran out the door while he followed me yelling after me. I tripped over a bush when I was looking back and broke the heel off my shoe.

It was totally worth it to get away from him.

Mendy said...

Poor Tiffany!

I don't think there's anything wrong with waiting until YOU are READY to run again. There's no pressure, no specific plan needing to hit up. You run when your heart and mind tell you to. My opinion, anyway. I've been on a long break and it's not after a big race or huge training plan (like you did), just pure laziness to running (for me). :-)