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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday

  • I mentioned in Friday's post that my SIL was flying down and meeting us in Tampa, and she did. So, she traveled back with us yesterday and then spent the day with us today and flew back to MN this evening. It was a short trip for her, but she's recently started a new job with an airline, and a perk of that new job is flying for free on standby, and this was her first experiment with utilizing that perk. It seems to have gone smoothly, so hopefully, we'll get to see her on a more frequent basis as she takes advantage of this perk.
  • As part of our day with my SIL, we went out to lunch at a Japanese Hibachi. Norah L-O-V-E-S hibachi! While they do the cooking (and they totally exaggerate it for her), she just sits and stares, open-mouthed in awe. And then she is cookoo about the food (really, who isn't?) and she chowed down on her fried rice, etc like it was the last fried rice left on Earth.
  • Actually, Asian food is some of Norah's favorite stuff (ours too; we also really love Indian), and while we were in Tampa, we ate at this awesome Vietnamese restaurant and Norah luh-ved it. She wanted to tip my bowl of Phu back and drink it like leftover milk from a cereal bowl.
  • Too bad she leaves an absolute mess in Asian restaurants (typically? rice ever. y. where); that's why we tip well.
  • I had my glucose tolerance test this morning. Yucky. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to fast first, but not being able to have any breakfast and then the first thing to hit my stomach is that super-sugary drink? Blech. It churns my stomach. Plus, I guess I worry that I'm gonna barf it up and then have to start over. Thankfully, this morning, just as when I did the test when I was preggo with Norah, it sat fine (albeit uncomfortably, but I kept it down), and the whole business with sitting there for an hour and then having the accompanying blood draw was fine. But by the time I got home, I was STARVING. Me without breakfast is bad idea anyway, but me without breakfast while I'm pregnant is like unleashing the HUNGER BEAST. I came home and nearly ate Norah's chubby little thighs I was so hungry.
  • I can't believe my spring break is already half over. Why is it that time off goes so quickly? Poopsicles.


Marlene said...

That's awesome that Norah has a taste for ethnic food! And glad to hear that you survived the glucose testing without a barfisode.

Enjoy the rest of break!

MCM Mama said...

Know what's worse than rice? Couscous. Just sayin'

I hate the GTT. Glad you survived it.

The Mommy said...

I don't understand why you guys have to fast before your glucose test. In Canada I don't have to fast, I just tell the nurses what I ate for breakfast....As far as I know we're all taking the same test.

Anonymous said...

Rice can be pretty messy...especially in a vehicle. Very cool Norah loves the same food you guys do! The glucose test isn't my favorite either. There are a couple different glucose tolerance tests out there...none of them pleasant.

The Accidental Runner said...

I always hated the glucose testing too. Good job surviving it! Poopsicles? That made me giggle :-)

Jamoosh said...

It's great Norah is so "wordly" with food. that's a sign of good things.

Erin said...

My other doctor let me take the nasty liquid home, chill it and promise to be in the office within the hour I needed to be tested. That was nice except the drive to the doctor anticipated the "what if I toss it up while driving? fear. Good thing you got it down and survived. That is one test I would not want to repeat!

Glad you had such a good time with SIL. Breaks are never long enough.