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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sick Again

I really feel as though I never totally got over the cold I had back in Feb, and now I am sick again.

Yesterday afternoon, I was all sneezy and congested, but I kinda thought it might be allergies because my runny nose was really my only symptom, but then today I woke up and felt like butt. My biggest complaint is still a perpetually runny nose, but I've got all the other regular cold symptoms as well.

Jerry too is under-the-weather, and of course, the originator of the booger nose, Norah, aka "the germ depository," seems to be feeling just dandy (she had the snot faucet earlier in the week).

Seriously, in the past 2 months NO progress was made on a preggo-approved decogestant? C'mon FDA, let's approve something already! It's 2011 -- can't we have a way to not have a runny nose and avoid potential birth defects?! Get working scientists!


lifestudent said...

Oh, I hear you! Pregnancy colds are the WORST. That Tylenol stuff is a joke! I feel so bad for you :( Hope you get over all the cooties soon!

Alice said...

I so agree! I'm on cold number two in the last two months. At least this time I am sick without the sinus infection, but still SERIOUSLY tired of all these pregnancy seasonal colds. Boo-erns!

Erin said...

I hear you too. I coughed so hard yesterday it induced an extra barfisode.

The FDA has a few things it needs to figure out for pregnant women...cold medicine is just one of them. Maybe you should try Norah's snot sucker on your own nose? Might help the rawness.

Adam said...

As the husband of a previously pregnant woman, I agree that I REALLY wish they woudl have more meds for the preggers.

Don't even get me started on the lack of meds for babies....