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Monday, December 10, 2012

Back to the Gym

At the start of the semester, I had been making treadmill running at the campus gym a regular habit.  I don't love the treadmill, but I was taking advantage of a window of time in my day and, with the timing, the treadmill was the best fit.

Then late September struck and several things happened at once: I got sick (for about 6 weeks), my semester really got underway, and the weather cooled off.  This trio had me out of the gym for more than 2 months.

That's not a bad thing.  I prefer to run outdoors even if it is at night, in the dark.

But, this week, I decided to give the gym one last hurrah! before the end of the semester.  You'd think with finals week this week, I'd be buried in work and wouldn't have the time to squeeze in a run with the treadmill, but while I am buried in work, my schedule for finals is irregular this week, so I have some extra pockets (and even a day -- Thursday, I think I'm planning to stay home) of time that I don't normally have in any given work day.

So, this morning, I arrived on campus, outfitted in my running clothes and totting my gym bag.

It's been so long, it took me 3 tries to get the code for the faculty locker room correct.  And, then at the front desk of the gym, the girl behind the counter exclaimed: "I haven't seen you in forever!"

The good thing about it being finals week is that students are all at home pulling their hair out and mainlining coffee, and they're definitely NOT crowding the gym at 9 am, so I had my pick of treadmills and never got even a single treadmill neighbor while I ran.

I dutifully ran my 3 miles, but lordy, it was tedious -- that never changes.  I pretty much stared at the digital display the entire time counting down the mileage and the minutes until I was done.

Afterwards, I showered (in the locker room where they now have HOT water -- yay!) and got ready, and now, sitting here in my office, I feel that sense of superiority that a runner gets having gotten her run done in the first part of the day.  Really, I think that's the only advantage I can say this morning's run had.

Still, while it's a singular advantage, it's a significant advantage because tonight, at home, when I have that extra time, I will appreciate it.

Now, onto that mountain of papers.  Anyone wanna read those for me?


Erin said...

It does feel great to be done exercising before the regular day begins. I am still nursing my leg along but about to just say screw it and try out a run or a bike ride or something.

As for those papers...that may be more fun than reviewing 8-10 new courses. At least I could grade the students on their lack of skills or inability to follow directions.

Carolina John said...

Get the miles in whenever you can! Good call, and good luck with finals!

NICOLE said...

Ever since I've moved south I had to make friends with the treadmill. Good for you getting it done and I hope you are enjoying a day at home.