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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

#1,000 and Jury Duty

So, the last time I blogged, I left you sitting on the edge of your seat about my nearly 1K for the year's mileage, so first let me relieve you of the burden of that anticipation:

I did indeed get my final miles in last Thursday and Friday so that I hit 1,000 by Nov 30th.

Over the weekend, then, I got Dec kicked off with 2 short runs (3 miles and 4.5 miles respectively).  I don't really have much by way of Dec running goals -- the month will be busy (I have less than 2 weeks remaining in the term and then we fly to MN for a 10 day vacation over the holidays), and I don't know how much running will get done.  So my Dec approach is just run what gets run.

In other breaking Jess news, I had to serve on jury duty yesterday.  It was a long day of sitting and waiting, but on the whole, it was actually a kind of pleasant day.  I just sat and read all day.  I never get to do that anymore!  It helped that I am reading a really engrossing book:

I'm actually reading like 3 books right now (hopping around between them depending on my mood), but this one has sucked me in.  I started it Sunday evening, and after yesterday's marathon jury duty reading session, I'm 2/3 through it.  In many ways, the plot is a bit predictable, but it's compelling nonetheless.  Plus, it's very fast-paced and the reading is easy, so I'm speeding through it, which is kind of a nice break from the other two books I'm reading which are a bit denser and more demanding (Book 3 of Game of Thrones and the Lincoln biography Team of Rivals).

Back to the jury duty business: I didn't get selected for a jury, so what sucks is that I'm still obligated to call in every night for the next two weeks, because I may still have to return to serve within that timeframe.  Worst timing ever with the end of the term, but whatever.  I think the likelihood of getting called back within the next two weeks is slim, but we'll see.


Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

That sucks that you have to call them. With today's technology they should be able to make the call.

But a day to read uninterupted is priceless!

Carolina John said...

congrats on getting the goal grand! Very cool. And I would love to read for a day. That sounds wonderful.

Lee said...

I really want to read Gone Girl. I keep waiting for it it come out in paperback because I am like the last person in the world to own a Kindle.