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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Busy, Busy

Heaven can issue me my halo anytime now. After yesterday's stellar performance, I deserve some kind of achievement medal: I finished my x-mas shopping, got all my gifts wrapped, I finished the holiday cards and got them in the mail, I got caught up with class work, was able to get a few tasks done for our upcoming trip, AND: I got five miles in. I didn't take the Garmin along, but the run felt good and I don't need Garmin to tell me that. Today has been busy again (I'm ready for this week to be over), and I'm hoping to get today's run in tonight after my night class. It'll be a late run, but that's the only time today to get to it.


MNFirefly said...

Way to go!

teacherwoman said...

bravo! bravo! way to go jess!

Junie B said...

i think you more than made up for the Queen Latifah movie night!!