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Sunday, December 10, 2006


Poor Scooter!

He was injured earlier today at the dog park. As I mentioned in my earlier post this morning, he was gazing at me this morning with a look that said: "Please take me to the park!" So, my husband and I obliged and took him to the park. While there, he was running around, enjoying himself, when he ran into another dog. We don't know exactly what happened -- whether that dog actually bit Scooter or if his teeth just ran into Scooter when Scooter collided with him or what -- but Scooter had a huge gash in his underbelly by his back, right leg. We could see muscle and bone and it was disgusting!

My husband scooped him up and we ran out of the dog park, got in the car and drove straight to the vet, and that's where Scooter is as I type this. He had to be anesthesized (I have no idea if that is spelled right) and they were going to need to stitch on the inside and out. Poor little fella was cut pretty bad and the vet said that it would be a few hours before he would be ready to go home. My husband and I are still pretty worked up and anxious; it was so nerve-wracking that once we handed him over to the vet, we realized we were both shaking.

I think I'm going to take a personal day tomorrow so I can stay home and take care of my pup -- cross your fingers, say a prayer, wish on a star, whatever you do, and send it Scooter's way!


Neese said...

AWWWW I'm so sorry!, Bless his sweet little doggie heart! They will take care of him i'm sure, but that must be heart wrenching indeed! Give an update when you can.

teacherwoman said...

Oh my, poor pup!

miss petite america said...

aw poor scooter! he's a champ though and will be up and about soon i'm sure!

MNFirefly said...

OMG! Poor Scooter!