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Thursday, December 14, 2006

4 am

First of all, "thanks" to everyone who responded to the post below; your input was valuable and it looks as though there is overwhelming support to let the grade stand. I also counseled with some fellow instructors and my department chair who all echoed your sentiments, so even though I haven't contacted the student with my decision yet, I do believe I will leave the grade alone and allow him to suffer the consequences.

But back to the running...

As per this post's title, it is currently 4:14 am, ugh. I am planning my 20 miler this morning and I want to get it done first thing, so I plan on leaving home here around 5 (currently, I'm trying to wake up a little -- eating some cereal for pre-run fuel and drinking a cup of coffee to help with the "waking up"). So, why am I doing the 20 today and not this weekend? I had to bump it up in the schedule because we leave for our trip to MN tomorrow, and it will probably take us 2 1/2 or 3 days to get there (we're driving -- taking the Scooter dog with us, who is doing much better, thanks for the concern on his part) and so I won't have an opportunity to accomplish the long run this weekend -- and trust me, I'm not relishing the 3 days in the car after 20, I suspect I will be very sore.

I will fill you guys in later today on how it went; cross your fingers for me -- it's a long way to go!

*6 am edit: The 20 did not "go." I will explain later -- right now, I feel like crawling back into bed, pulling the covers over my head, and re-emerging sometime in the second week of January (after this marathon has passed).*


Erin said...

Did you fall back asleep!?! I figured the 4am title meant you were still awake contemplating what to do with the annoying student.

As a delayed post...I think you should stand your ground. The post that mentioned a paper defending his stance was a great idea if the student had approached you earlier and hadn't badgered you. At this point, life isn't fair and no time like the present to learn it. Heck, change that D to an F for being a F-Head.

Jess said...

Erin: I agree that "Runner26" had a great idea with the paper and it would have worked if I was still tallying grades for that course, instead of the grades already being final and posted.

I did not fall back asleep. Feeling kinda drained right now.