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Thursday, April 05, 2007

On the Fence

about signing up for Chicago.

I keep talking about running Chicago this fall, and I really, really want to (30th anniversary, etc, it will be awesome); however, I'm unsure about the status of my ITBS in my right knee. I have been waiting for it to subside, and then I was gonna sign up for the race, but the weeks have ticked by and I feel like the registration window will close very, very, very soon. I need to decide.

My husband said I should just sign up to secure my place, and if I can't run it, then I'm only out $100. Is he right? Should I just sign up, hope that continued treatment with the knee will improve the inflammation, and plan on running Chicago? Or, do I cancel my dream of Chicago this year, give the knee significant rest, and plan on a winter marathon?

What to do, what to do?


keith said...

i agree with your husband. do it!

it sounds like you've made it a goal...and if you're not ready by the time it rolls around, then your knee will let you know.

krista said...

Do it! I think your knee does need significant rest - the same thing happened to me last fall. I took 5 solid weeks off running, slowly started up again and I haven't felt much pain since.
Even if you give yourself 5-6 weeks to take a complete break from running, you should still be functioning by late May. That gives you plenty of time to get back into your groove and train for Chicago.
Just my humble opinion ... if you think the experience will be worth it, spend the $100.
P.S. Love the blog!

Neese said...
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Neese said...

you know, sometimes those husband have the answers! i agree with him, sign up! a hundred a schmundred if you cannot race.

Bob said...

Jess, you need to sign up, you are on my Chicago Bound list, no excuses.

I hear you on the ITBS. I think you just need to rest, I have finally come to that conclusion and I am feeling improvement. I would suggest you go see a PT and do the stuff you need to do to get it right during your layoff. I feel like my PT is helping me a bunch.

You have about 8 weeks before Chicago training starts if you are using an 18 week plan. You could take a few weeks of rest and then start back with some low mileage running working your way towards the begining of your program.

I have a plan from now until Chicago starts Jess if you want to discuss it feel free to e-mail me. bobjr@rjalbright.com. Now go sign up!

miss petite america said...

do it! you have plenty of time to get better. and really it's only $100. but you won't have to worry about that anyway because you'll be ready to race )

JustJunebug said...

sign up.

you wouldnt have to start training till what? July or August?? Jeez girl JUST DO IT ALREADY!!

you're going to be just fine!!

i went ahead and put in for the lottery for NYC and God help me if mid-June I get an email and my bank acct is debited for $150!!

we can freak out together!!

brunettechicagogal said...

OMG, DO IT!!! ITBS is so very treatable. Have you gotten PT for it? Have you been icing and stretching religiously? Do all those things, sign up, and we'll see you in Chicago -- about eight of my teammates and I are signed up, and we want to meet you!

brunettechicagogal said...

Now that I've read Bob's advice, I say DO IT again. You do not need to start training until late June, and between now and then you can get tons of PT and be all ready to go by June. The marathon will cap off any day; last year, it was closed as of late April.

RunnerGirl said...

I completely agree... sign up for it just to make sure you get a place in it... then take a long slow recovery. You have plenty of time for it, and should you decided later against runnin git - then you are out the money, but call that hedging your bets. ;)

I really hope that the ITBS clears up soon for you!!!!

J~Mom said...

Yes, definitely sign up!!!!!!