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Saturday, April 14, 2007

O' Bloggers, Where Art Thou?

I guess it's a testament to the ever-changing nature of the Internet, and specifically, to Blogland, that some of us emerge and some of us fade away. Lately, it seems as though some established bloggers have fallen into the latter category.

Running Rabbit has pulled the plug on her blog, Liv hasn't posted in months and I assume she too has abandoned her blog, Runnergirl is still posting, but in her last post, she seemed to wobble on the decision as to whether she should continue to do so, and Bob's blog address link, which has always been previously reliable, now takes me to this. (Bob, if you're out there, what happened?)

But in the cycle of Blogs, as old blogs die, new ones are born. So, you'll note that my sidebar's list of blogs I visit has changed and I've updated the list to reflect the running blogs I am currently reading. So, "goodbye" to those bloggers who have chosen new paths (don't be afraid to visit), and "hello" to the blogs that are either new or I have just discovered.


Anonymous said...

How true! I guess in the stressful world we live in sometimes blogging just doesn't make the cut.
Glad you are still here.

Running Jayhawk said...

It's so weird how the progression of blogs work...Hopefully our long lost friends will come back!!

teacherwoman said...

I'm still here! Isn't that all that matters? Just kiddin, y'all!

I know I need to go through and make some changes to my sidebar as well. I was wondering what happened to Running Rabbit!

Glad to see I wasn't cut from your sidebar!! hehehe.

L*I*S*A said...

I noticed a few blogs disappeared, too. I'm always ready to make new friends in Blogville, though. :)

brunettechicagogal said...

I don't plan on going anywhere, as evidenced, I'm sure, by my spastic blog-a-day habit.

J~Mom said...

I also noticed that several long time bloggers have disappeared. Thanks for adding me to your side bar and for your comments!! I am updating too and will add you to mine so I check in on you more often! :>)

Neese said...

I'm here too lol thanks for keeping me on your sidebar!..

Pam said...

Hello found your blog via the running blog family or some name like that intriged by it takes 21 days to change or form a habit. I have infact heard this before but have never really used it. Maybe i should, mmaybe i have done it and not realised it.

I have tried blogging before but fell out of the habit. But formed a new blog end of March and have been doing well so far.

Oh yes have been running since June 03 i hope i'll be round for many years to come

Firefly's Running said...

I am still here. Life just gets so busy!!