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Monday, April 16, 2007

Drunken Debauchery

Those are the only words to describe the last four days.

Our beloved friends, Jen and Stacy, arrived in town on Thursday and we kicked off the weekend then, and I don't think any of us stopped celebrating their presence until this morning when we all felt the repercussions of it. I haven't been drunk four nights in a row since probably....hmmmm, well, maybe a few years ago. I would say back in college, but that would be a lie (there have been many drinking sprees in my 20s).

So, even though I think we're all glad to be returning to our normal routines (with far fewer drinks), I think I speak for the whole group when I say, "we'll miss you two!" It was great having them here.

But good lord, me thinks my liver needs a break.


Erin said...

Can anyone explain why I chose last night to drink the most? Luckily, my years of drinking had me prepped for a fine Monday morning. No hangover!!!

J~Mom said...

Hope you recover ok but I am glad you had a fun weekend!

teacherwoman said...

Wow, and I thought my weekend was crazy! I think that you and I could have a lot of fun together! Hehehe!

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Kristen D. said...

Every so often you need to cut loose and enjoy time with friends! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. (Hint: green tea works wonders on a hangover headache!)

Firefly's Running said...

Wow! What a weekend!