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Thursday, October 26, 2006


  • I had TOO much coffee today and now I have the poops. My bum burns.
  • The weather continues to be lovely here and last night I had a glorious 6 mile run in the early evening. But I did have to flip a guy, who tried to run me down in an intersection, the bird.
  • Yesterday, I received race info from Disney! It was very exciting! I was like a thirteen year old boy with a copy of Hustler in my hands. I have the form that I have to turn in at the expo to get my bib number (am a little frightened I will somehow lose it), and I got a glossy little magazine full of key info for the race and the race weekend. I poured over everything and was thrilled to trace the course map -- it's gonna be awesome: I get to run through the Magic Kingdom, the Animal Park, Epcot and lots of FL swampland. Next week, I believe I will book our hotel -- am considering staying at one of the Disney resort hotels; they are more expensive, but it's all part of the experience (plus, they offer free shuttles to everything and that might be useful).
  • I am getting excited for my Halloween party on Saturday (haven't yet finished putting my costume together, but I think it will turn out well -- my husband is going to be Nacho Libre, and with his permission I will post his photo here, I'll have to ask for that permission once he's had some beers, and you will die of laughter; it's a great costume), but because it's on Saturday night, I'm planning my long run for Saturday morning so I can avoid the sort of problem I ran into last weekend.
  • That's my news for now -- short and to the point.


Anonymous said...

yeah! disney marathon! u get a really cool medal for finishing. my friend is doing the half. and if you run the half and the marathon in the same weekend, you get a third goofy medal.

b/c anyone who can do that is MORE than goofy!

what are YOU gonna be for halloween?

Firefly's Running said...

TOO much coffee=Too many trip to the bathroom. Not a good idea.

I would be SO excited to about heading to Disney. Good for you!

Running by.... said...

Coffee--LOL! I have a co-worker that puts customer's on hold saying "OH O...The coffee's kicking in"

Have fun at the Disney Marathon. I'm really curious about it--I do want a full report!

Running Jayhawk said...

1. Love you girl, but coffee poo = TMI.

2. Chicago is jealous of your beautiful weather. And flip away, lady!

3. I WANNA RUN DISNEY!! We should get a group of RBFers and do the goofy challenge together. You have to run with your camera...that'd be so awesome!!

4. You're not allowed to tease your public with the thought of the photo. Get him drunk and post away! ;)

5. You rule. As always.

teacherwoman said...

I wanna do the Disney race!!! Bummer! Too bad it is not at a good time of year for this chica! Oh well...maybe next year!

Anonymous said...

I've always scheduled my long runs on Saturdays for that same reason :) Disney sounds like it will be a blast! Enjoy your Halloween!