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Friday, October 20, 2006

End of the Week

Tonight, I went for a run with the Scoots. He's building his endurance and can go further and further each time; although, when we're done, he's pretty pooped (kinda the point -- a tired dog is a well-behaved dog). Currently, he is crashed on the bed.

Tomorrow I am going to try and make up that missed run from earlier this week -- six miles, and then I have the daunting number 12 on Sunday. Two things I need to do before that big run:
  1. Map out a route. Planning these long runs gets trickier each time. I feel like I'm running the entire length of South Florida sometimes. In fact, 12 miles might be the distance from my house to work...hmmm...that might make it interesting; of course, once I got there, I'd have to arrange for the hubby to pick me up and he might not be up for that (he's very busy at work these days).
  2. Get a fuel belt. I know, I know, I am WAY late getting one of these, but I actually saw some for the first time when I was at that 15K last weekend, and I can see how slim they are and it looks like it wouldn't be that much more to carry. Plus, I have a $10 coupon for the running store -- awesome!

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Kels said...

If you go to www.usatf.org/routes you can map out running routes in your neighborhood really easily. Good luck on your long run!