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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Bad Runner

A running blog can begin to feel a bit like going to confession: You are forced to give honest reports about your running, and this is probably why most of have a running blog -- in order to keep ourselves in line. Of course, when we fall out of line, it can be hard to fess up.

So here it is: This week, I have been a bad runner. I did not run on Thursday or Friday and I have six miles to make up because of that. Tomorrow is my long run, and I won't skip that, but I'm trying to decide whether or not I should make up my miles today -- all of them, some of them -- or none of them. I know that in the course of training, I will miss some runs and will not follow my schedule exactly, but I feel as though I should get the miles in; however, is it a good idea to do that the day before a long run?

I have the course of the day to consider. Meanwhile, I'm facing a literal cauldren of Halloween candy (we estimate it takes about 10 lbs of candy to fill it and at the rate I'm working on it, I'm not sure if any will be left for the kids at Halloween). But I was good this morning: cereal instead of Snickers for breakfast.


Erin said...

Is it better to get all of your miles in per week or just keep running everyday/frequency? I see you have the A1A 15K tomorrow...good luck on that. I wouldn't run too much tonight if you are running that one in the morning just because of pukey pukerson...you don't want her to make an appearance and ruin your run tomorrow.

Jenny said...

Oh that reminds me of the snickers breakfast I had earlier this week :-( Halloween is such a cruel holiday!

Firefly's Running said...

I have a BAD habit of grabbing the mini candies off the desks as I do rounds.

Try your best to get the mileage done. The long run, I think, are very important to get done.

Nicole said...

Don't stress about runs. If you miss you miss. My rule of thumb is try to make them up but only if you have 24 hours to recover between important runs. Happy Running