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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Halloween '06

So, our party was a success! And I think the pictures tell the best story, so I'll let them do most of the work here.

We have here to the left my husband dressed as Nacho Libre -- he worked very hard to make every bit of this costume (he even made his own boots and sewed the tasles onto his cape!). Scooter is posing with him and being a good little sidekick.

Below, are a cowgirl (that's right, Meg, I posted a pic with you while you're eating -- nothing is sacred on this blog), a naughty policewoman (we saw her abuse her power with the baton she wielded), and a bar wench.

My costume ended up being a last minute affair. Originally I was going to be an evil fairy, but I waited too long to buy some key elements, and was shorted that costume, so after rumaging through Target's five costumes they had remaining, I came up with a 1920's flapper. Unfortunately, the costume was missing some accesories, but that's what you get for $10. Thankfully, I already owned a pair of red heels (the reds don't toally match, but whatever).

You'll note that our condo is still under renovations, thus the cement floor and white walls, and as much as it sucks living in an unfinished residence, it's the perfect place for a party; we don't have to worry if someone spills and the white walls actually made for a good backdrop for many pictures.

Below, is the coup d'etat. My husband, once again as Nacho Libre, and Ryan as the wrestler Ric Flair. Now, Ryan's costume was the spectacle of the party: He had entry music and everything. His costume, like my husband's, is also all homemade, which is really impressive if you could've seen the detailing on the belt and the shoes. He was so dedicated to his character that he even shaved his chest, back and, yes, armpits! His character made us laugh all night. And I have some pics without the robe that I will hold onto until a time when I may need bribe material.

Thankfully, I feel fine today and was even up at 7:15 (with the time change) and I cleaned up the house and threw away all the trash (about three cases worth of beer cans, some of which had been artfully placed in my drier). I am so much better off this Sunday than I was last Sunday. Now, can I say the same for others? Nacho is still sleeping, and I bet Ric Flair is feeling under the weather, and something tells me that a certain cowgirl may not be feeling so hot either.

It was a good time, a very good time.


Erin said...

Blogger hates you too this morning? I had a post that wouldn't go-kept getting an error.

How are you feeling?

Firefly's Running said...

ROFL! I loved the costumes. Very cute. I am glad that you had a good time too.

Running Jayhawk said...




He is my hero. He's got my vote for the best costume of the season!

But does he know you've posted this for all of blogland to see??

Anonymous said...

O! M! G!

runnergirl said...

Love the costumes! Looks like you had a good time!