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Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday Stats

Percentage of effort toward being a good runner this week: 100% (granted, it's a rest day, but so far I am being good at resting).

Number of mini-candy bars consumed so far: 0 (that's right, I'm holding strong).

Hours left in the day: 13 (that's a lot of time in which I could be munchin' on candy).


teacherwoman said...

I hate this time of year. All that darn halloween candy..on sale even. Plus, working with kids, it is so easy to say "hey, I will buy this and use it as a 'reward' for my students great efforts"...and then have a piece or two a day... Tomorrow..I will try harder!
Nice job on pulling your 100% effort so far this week! :)

Firefly's Running said...

This is VERY difficult time of the year for me. I LOVE candy. I hope to get past Halloween and then pray to get past Christmas (after Thanksgiving).

Jenny said...

LOL! I am also a particularly dedicated runner when the schedule calls for a rest day :-)

Erin said...

Why did you buy the candy for the cauldren so early? I have no willpower, therefore no candy buying here until right before Halloween. I showed self restraint last weekend and still ended up eating one of each flavor/kind at your house!

Jess said...

It was not I who bought the candy; another resident of the household can hardly contain himself around candy, so he actually started purchasing the gigantic bags several weeks ago.