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Sunday, May 11, 2014


After a few months of blogging hiatus, I decided to return: newer and better than ever!

Relocated too.

Not the blog.  Me.  And the rest of the family.  I brought them too.

It seems impossible to summarize the past 4 months, not to mention the move itself, so I'll just say this: It's impossible.  Let's skip to the gist of the move and then "move" on, shall we?

Two weeks ago, we (as in the movers) loaded up the moving truck in FL.

And then we (as in "we" -- we didn't take the movers with us) stopped off for a quick Disney visit to take advantage of one last trip as FL residents.
Then, we met the movers at our new house in North Carolina, and they brought all our stuff despite the fact that we didn't take them to Disney!

She's a beaut, isn't she Clark?

We're still unpacking boxes and hanging things on the wall, but we're starting to get settled in.  So, I figure "Why not return to blogging?" so that everyone can keep up with me and my captivating life, especially now that we're in a new place with new adventures.  Should be fun!  Hope you'll read along!


MCM Mama said...

Love that you are back on the blog. Love even more that you now live close enough that I can drive to visit.

You were looking for house guests, right???

And my captcha thing is "Free the jest" There's got to be a joke in there somewhere...

chia said...

Where's Scooter? Sheesh! :-) Welcome back cutie pie!

Debbi said...

Glad you're back to blogging and hope you like NC. I'd love to live there. Someday ...

Julie D said...

Glad y'all are back together!

Carolina John said...

I predict you're going to enjoy NC, and I really hope we get to meetup soon!

(btw, it's ok if you don't like NC. not everybody does. I'm just hopeful.)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! And North Carolina get some good humidity so there will be random reminders of Florida!