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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Time Travel

Who says it's just for sci-fi?

It exists in my day-to-day life as well.  And, probably in yours.

With kids, work, running, the days often fold into each other with surprising speed.  So much so, that I'm often stunned to sit down and realize that a few days or weeks have slipped through my fingers.  Or, that a month is nearly at its close.

The days go so quickly, and I know that means I'm supposed to sit down and value them that much more, but man alive, I'd love to freeze it -- Matrix-style -- so that everything else around me gets suspended, but I get to catch up.  Thankfully, I kinda DO get to do that.

Next week is spring break.  Thank god.  A week to breathe. 

If only I didn't have about 125 essays to read...


Kathee said...

It feels like it gets faster and faster as you get older!

Carolina John said...

I wish I got a spring break. haven't had a vacation day in 6 months.