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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Triple Tuesday

I've never pulled off 3 runs in one day before, but today, I did.  Here's the RUN down:

Run #1: 5 miles
Today was another of my blessed days off -- no work, no kids -- so after bidding "adieux" to the kidlets, I dillied and dallied some and then finally got out the door for my run.  It was 8 am, and steamy as all hell.

Unfortunately, my 5 mile route has very little shade this time of day, and I was a hot mess when I got done.  I swear, every drop of sweat I had in body was sweated out on this one!

Run #2: 4.4 miles
After I had gotten my day's tasks done (house cleaning and errands, which sounds sucky for a day off, but actually, without the kiddos around, it's something I look forward to), it was 2 pm, and I figured, hey, why not run?

I felt great, but at mile 3, the weather had another plan for me.  At first, it just started to sprinkle, but then it started to drizzle -- which, in case you're wondering, the technical difference between a sprinkle and a drizzle is the volume of rain: a sprinkle is a drop here and there, a drizzle is a steady, light rain, you're welcome: continue on -- I figured, "Eh, what's a little rain?  I'm already sweaty."

But, then I saw a flash of lightning and heard a crack of nearby thunder that made my heart leap into the back of my throat and hug my tongue for comfort. 

I ran as fast as my little legs could go for that last mile, but I was already sloshing through ankle deep puddles (that's how tropical rain works: one minute it's a drizzle, the next it's a downpour) so the going was slower than I would've liked considering the lightning.

I don't mess around with lightning.

Run #3: 3.7 miles
I was a little disappointed that my afternoon run had been cut short by rain, so after dinner and after Caleb was in bed, I went back out for one, last round.  I figured I'd round off the day by running 3.6, but a slight route miscalculation had me run 3.7, which is actually perfect, because you know what that brought the day's total mileage to?


That's right.  A half marathon on a Tuesday.  Not too shabby.


Erin said...

Good job but still, that's crazy! Granted with my current stress load at work, I now appreciate why you run. I wanted to get up in the middle of my day and pound out some anxiety. Guess that's what tomorrow morning is for. I certainly will not be doing your mileage. I will be lucky if I squeeze in 6 miles all week!

Jina said...

That's really amazing ... especially for a Tuesday! You rock. I'm terrified of lightning, as in run and scream like a little girl scared. Good thing I live in Florida.

MCM Mama said...

That's just crazy! And amazing. But mostly crazy.

Sarah said...

Impressive! I'm jealous. My two are the same ages as yours and I have not run since last week. I need your motivation!

I'm also interested in how you are finding the Acadia. We are looking into buying one and know no one in real life with one. I'm nervous of spending all that money. Do you ever use the third row?

James said...

Nicely done! I've never attempted a triple run day.

Lee said...

Dude, that's awesome.

Erika . . . with a K said...

Awesome, go you!! I was going to run last night even though it was raining... but once I saw lightening I was not going out!

Anonymous said...

When you're on a roll, you can't be stopped. That's how I feel sometimes. Great RUNS!

Carly said...

Nice work!

runner26 said...

whoa!! way to go! you have been my source of motivation lately. i think to myself: i bet jess would get out there and run! so i do too ;)

hope you are feeling better