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Thursday, May 12, 2011


Here's Norah before our walk this morning:
She travels light, doesn't she?  Notice fatty-fatterson down in the corner eyeballing her snack -- his eyes say FEED ME!

I've been walking with both Norah and Scooter for a week now, and Scooter hasn't gotten any more used to it, and I spend roughly the first half of the walk pulling him reluctantly behind me.  Once we get to our turn-around point, it's better walking home because he knows we're headed home and he walks better then.

Today, his neuroses were not helped by the fact that we came upon some landscapers who were trimming trees and blocking the sidewalk.  For Scooter, this is a 3-fold fear-inducer: 1. landscapers (!), 2. ladders and other equipment (!!), and 3. loud machinery (!!!).

So, needless to say, as we approached this segment of the sidewalk, he started flipping out on me, trying to get away and I had to tighten my grip on his leash and reign him in.  Meanwhile, I had to try and navigate around this mess, which meant briefly departing from the sidewalk, over the curb, into the street.  Which wouldn't be so hard without a crazy dog who thinks that passing this mess is the equivalent of waterboarding.  As I'm easing Norah and the stroller off the curb and trying to maintain my handle on Scooter, I nearly tip Norah and the stroller over (she was on one wheel for a moment there), but I was able to right the stroller without even a dropped Goldfish cracker.  Meanwhile, one of the landscaper guys was just staring at me and this circus with an expression that read both concern and befuddlement.  Ummm, a little help here, dude?  It might've been nice to have a hand over that curb.

Thankfully, the landscapers had cleared the sidewalk of tree debris by the time we returned along the same route sometime later, and while Scooter was still wary of the situation, he wasn't trying to pull my arm off to get away, so it was an easier passage the second time around.

In other exciting news, we saw not one, but TWO school buses and a firetruck!  It was pretty much the most thrilling walk we've had all week.


Julie D said...

The fact that you are able to haul a stroller full of kid+toys+crackers and a dog... is amazing, with baby in belly or not. I am much more clumsy just handling myself.

Marlene said...

You make up the best words!

N.D. said...

that sounds very fun! YikeS! My favorite was the last line. Spoken like a true mom. Haha!

Monica said...

While I haven't commented in a long time, I have kept up with your blog. Enjoy your summer and I'm looking forward to hearing about your son! :) Stil LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures of Norah! She makes my heart jump!

d.a.r. said...

Wow--quite the ordeal!

Krissy said...

yikes! I have gone up on one wheel with the Bob stroller once too and I was so terrified, I know how scary it is for that moment. Scooter is a character to say the least. It sure is a good thing he is such a cute dog!
BTW - the naked baby doll that Norah has with her in the stroller cracks me up! Reminds me totally of "the enforcer" naked baby doll from Toy Story 3 !