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Friday, March 31, 2006

Not Your Ordinary Cold

I don't think this is just a cold -- where symptoms usually begin to disappear after 24 hours -- this, I believe, is the flu. Yesterday, as the day progressed, I felt worse and worse (a little like death warmed over), so I called in sick not only to the restaurant but to school as well, and I got a substitute for my evening class. I never do that. A fever persisted all day and my body ached down to its core. I took aspirin throughout the day, and while it would temporarily alleviate the aches and chills, it certainly was not a cure.

This morning I can't report that I feel much better. I still feel feverish, achy, and sore. I feel tired and I have a pounding headache. I started off the morning with a few more aspirin, but after these, I think I'll lay off -- I don't trust taking that many aspirin, and in its own way, a fever is working to help my body get rid of the virus, and I don't want to slow that process down.

Now the dilema I face once again is whether or not to call in sick to work. I have class in the early afternoon and then I'm supposed to work at the restaurant this evening. I think I can do class today -- it's a short class, but should I call in to the restaurant? I think so just because I feel as though I will need more rest this evening, and the idea of waiting on tables on a Friday night (when it will be very busy) does not sound like a good idea. Plus, I'm of the mind that sick employees in a restaurant should stay home since most customers don't appreciate a sick person serving them their food, but when I called in yesterday the management kinda made a big fuss over my absence. And I'm the sort of person who tries to please everyone and make them like me, so I don't want to be the "difficult" employee.

Ridiculous, I know.

I suppose I will decide what to do this afternoon after class; I'll see how I feel then.

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Erin said...

I say go to class if you feel ok but call in sick to the restaurant. It isn't your sole income so if they don't like it-too bad. You need to get healthy since you have been fighting this for months now. Believe me, my Friday-Sunday rest fest when I had the flu made a world of difference.
Get better!

PS-I agree, sick restaurant servers-ewe!!!