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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sick, Again

I just had a cold about two months ago, and to be honest, I felt like I never entirely got over it (I had this hacking cough for forever), and now here I am again feeling like crap. Yesterday morning I felt very tired and kinda achy, and as the day wore on, I felt ickier and ickier (yes, that is the technical term). So, last night I tossed and turned and was, in turns, chilled and then sweaty.

Now, today I feel like a lukewarm piece of poo, and even though I feel absolutely icky, I am still wrestling with the issue of whether to call into work or not. I am scheduled for a lunch shift at the restaurant and I teach this evening. I don't want to cancel my class, and I can probably struggle through that, but I don't think I want to be serving food with snot dripping out of my nose. I might call in sick at the restaurant. Yet, I hate calling in sick -- for some reason, it feels as though I'm making it up, even when I'm not.

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