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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Jesus Drink

This week I have not been running; I don't know why, but the past two weeks have been difficult to find the motivation, but I have been attending spinning class and yoga, so I don't feel bad; I'm still getting good exercise, and sometimes it's fine to take time away from running. Plus, spinning offers a workout that is truly comparable to running, and with the classes I've attended this week I know I burned just as many calories in cycling as I do when I run.

This teacher has so much energy and she makes the class really challenging. Maybe it's just because I haven't regularly attended spinning in awhile, I'm not sure, but it sure does seem hard. I leave there having sweated out every bit of water I consumed since the third grade; she wrings us dry. As I mentioned before, I figured she had to be high on something to have that kind of energy, but then I found out that she's high on Christ. Yesterday before we began, she was wearing a church t-shirt over her sporty cycling clothes, and I noted the cross tatooed on her ankle; plus, the "glory to God" song she was singing pretty much sealed the deal. So, she loves Jesus.

That's fine. Personally, I think Jesus is a good example to live by, but how is it that the lord can bless those who worship him with so much excess "spirit"? Is this something that can be bottled? Because if so, I think it would make an excellent energy drink. Forget caffeine, electrolytes, sugar and other energy enhancing chemicals, maybe we all need holy water (I guess there is Kaballah water -- movie stars and Madonna drink it, maybe even bathe in it).

Anyway, she's a pretty good instructor -- the first to help me set up my bike correctly, and it is so much more comfortable now; I had it all wrong before. Now I can peddle better and, ultimately, work a little harder.


aaron (air-run) said...

I would like some of that Jesus drink too!! What are some of the tips she gave for setting up your bike correctly?

Jess said...

She told me to move the seat forward some. Apparently, I had been adjusting it so that it was too far back. When your knee is in the air, it should be at a right angle and be directly over your ankle. This helps you keep a flat foot instead of pointing your toes.

ws said...

ok. so I'm burying a thank you on an old post. thanks for your comment.

Yes, I biked those miles. If I could run that fast I'd be in the Olympics! Running I try to include splits anyway.

I'm in one of those places where 80% of the voices in my head say "this too shall pass" and the other 20% are just totally irrational and I won't even get into their thought process. I hate whining on my blog, because who wants to read about someone else's bitching when we've all got problems of our own. sometimes it just happens...(don't be insulted that I left a similar comment buried somewhere on Marcy's blog...)