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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I have not run in over two weeks. Yes, it's true. I got a part-time job waiting tables at a nearby restaurant to supplement my teaching income, and "part-time" must not have the same meaning to some people as it does to others because I was looking for about 3 shifts a week, and yet I have been scheduled every available shift since I started. So between that, teaching, grading papers, taking care of Scooter (mangy, wormy little fella he's turned out to be), and trying to see my husband, I haven't had a spare second.

Last week I was at least good at getting to spinning and yoga, but so far this week has been a bust, and I have opted for sleep when the opportunity has presented itself. Even though waiting tables is good exercise (lots of walking, lifting heavy trays, carrying plates, drinks), it's not running and I miss my runs, but as I look at this week's schedule, it feels like a daunting task to consider a run.

I thought I would just grin and bare it with the restaurant schedule, but looks like I'll have to say something -- soon. I don't want to be scheduled like this again next week. I will end up strangling someone.


jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

I used to be a manager at a restaurant and believe me, if you don't say something, they will continue to schedule you that way. Good luck.

Liv said...

Maybe you should fake a nervous breakdown and then they'd pity you and pare down the schedule. On second thought, they might also ask you to take a mental health leave of absence... maybe you better just stick with asking nicely.

Liv said...
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