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Friday, March 24, 2006

The Weight of the Matter

This afternoon I have a doctor's appointment (just a regular yearly exam) and it will be the moment of truth. Every year I wait for that yearly check up to see what the doctor's scale reports. Sure, I have a scale at home, but I don't trust that it is the holy grail of accuracy. I'm sure it does an adequate job, but it always feels as though it's the doctor's scale that really tells you the truth.

But it depends on the doctor's office. Personally, I think it is inhumane to weigh someone with their shoes on, which has been done to me at past offices. And at home, I always weigh myself naked (to make sure those weighty clothes don't throw off my impression), but at the doctor's office that's not really an option, nor do I want it to be. Still, being weighed in potentially heavy clothes can be traumatizing. So, keeping shoes and clothes in mind, I usually try to wear the lightest stuff I have -- flip flops, light weight capris (less fabric), and a t-shirt or thin sleeveless.

I know that there are more important things to be examined and checked up on at the doctor's office (like the hacking cough I've had for a month), but they are of little consequence compared with my weight. I hope to weigh in about six or seven pounds lighter than last year, but I guess part of that weight in will be determined by my shoes. Now, when they measure my height, I always pray that they'll let me leave my shoes on.


jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

Not to mention that when you get weighed at the doctors office it's the middle of the day. We all weigh more in the middle of the day.

Liv said...

Ugh, and they're always like, "oh, it's okay with your shoes on, it really doesn't matter." YES IT DOES! And I'm with you on the height thing too...