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Monday, March 06, 2006

Worn Out

I ran 61/2 miles this evening and I swear it aged me ten years. No kidding, I feel totally wiped out. I came home, showered, ate dinner, and have spent the past hour and a half laying in bed staring blankly at the TV. Thank god I plan on yoga tomorrow. I hope I don't feel like a pile of poo.


Running Jayhawk said...

Some days it just catches up to you...take it easy with yoga tomorrow night.

Get some rest, sweetie...

Liv said...

Yeah, I know how that feels... the other day after my 7-miler I sat on my bed for a good 20 min, wrapped up in my blanket and staring blankly at the wall ahead, with no desire to ever get up again (at least, not until I next had to pee). Sometimes it just feels so sweet to *not* move your body.