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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Feeling Fine

I finally feel better this morning. Rest yesterday afternoon and evening and a good night's sleep helped, and now this morning I really feel a lot better. I called in sick yesterday afternoon to the restaurant and they made a stink about it and told me it was my responsibility to find a replacement -- I dutifully called those who were off, but no one was available. When I called the restaurant back to report that I had come up with no one, they asked if I could just try coming in "for a little while and see how you feel." Which would, of course, turn in to all night. I told them I was sick and I wasn't coming in. I felt like saying, "I'm not asking your permission; I'm providing you with the courtesy of knowing ahead of time that I won't be coming in today."

What my husband suggested I should have said was that I am pale, clammy, by turns shivering and sweaty, my nose is dripping snot, and I have a wracking cough, do you want me serving customers their food? To me, it seems very short-sighted to only concern themselves with filling the shift with a warm body. They need to think about the ramifications of having a sick employee come in. Not only are there the health drawbacks, but because I was sick I probably would not be doing a very good job -- I would've been slow, tired, and careless. Places such as this give lipservice to their employees about how much they mean to them, but in reality they don't care much about an employee's well-being. It's hard to believe that so many restaurants have such a high employee turnover, right?

Anyway, I work this evening, which I believe I am healthy enough to do, and I wonder if they'll say anything about my "attitude." We'll see.


Joyce said...

geez! thats awful! I used to work for a place like that :( I'm glad you're feeling a little better

Liv said...

That's so ridiculous! Good for you for refusing to serve a night full of snot sandwiches.