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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Good Eats

I have been a good little eater today -- many fruits and salads -- but now my tummy is rumbling for something evil (say that in your best Dr. Evil voice because that's how it sounded in my head -- I also advise rubbing your first two fingers on each hand together if you want to look truly diabolical). At first I thought I could assuage the craving with a Hershey kiss from the department candy dish, but now I know there's no stopping this hunger with a tiny piece of candy. So I am contemplating one of three options: One, digging around for some change for the vending machine (many evil diet choices within); Two, walking over to the "snack hut" on campus and picking up something (but I only have a large bill and I bet they won't have change, and it seems really wicked to buy a $1 candy car with a $100 bill -- it was my b-day a few days ago and that's leftover b-day loot!); or, Three, hop in my car and drive the two miles to the nearest Taco Bell (I haven't hit the Border in awhile), but the same money doubts would probably plague me there.

I have a full evening here on campus because my students are taking their final, and one of them is guaranteed to take the fully allotted time and that could mean that I'm here all night with my stomach rumbling. I should've know that wimpy salad wouldn't fill me up! Damn my good intentions!


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