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Friday, April 14, 2006

I'm Back

This morning I went for the first run I've had time for in almost a month, and it went better than I anticipated. I expected that after the long hiatus that I would be huffing and puffing, but it was a surprisingly good run. Granted, I ran just three miles, but it went smoothly. The weather was cool and overcast this morning and it felt good to get out and work like that again.

Hopefully, my schedule will allow me more time to re-establish my running routine; it sucked being away from it for so long and my body hated me for denying it the necessary exercise it requires. I see that Scooter tried to substitute for me in my absence -- he's such a good puppy. But the good puppy is repeatedly trying to hop in my lap and help me type this, so I'd best try to entertain him for awhile.

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Running Jayhawk said...

Welcome Back!