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Monday, September 09, 2013

Weekend Running

Weekends are often when runners are able to really pack their miles in, which makes sense because we all have a little extra time on the weekend.  But. I have long found it a struggle.  It's the one time during the week when my streakin' resolve falters.

During the week, my daily runs have cemented their place in our routine, but on the weekend, when routines are more loosey-goosey, finding the right fit for running's timing is sometimes a stretch.  Case in point: This past weekend.

On Saturday morning, I decided to fit in just a quick few miles before I needed to get ready and take Norah to a mornign birthday party.  I ran 2 miles with the intention of running more later in the day.  But then the day was pretty packed with fun: birthday party and then a family trip to the Art Museum, and then I ate 2 Bahn Mi's, and well, my plan to get back out there crumbled in favor of watching "Escape from Planet Earth" with the kids instead.

On Sunday, I could have gotten up early and run, but I lacked the will, as I often do in the morning.  Especially a Sunday morning, when I just want to be able to sit and actually drink a hot cup of coffee.  Again, we had a birthday party to attend -- this time in the afternoon -- and, I drank 2 beers, ate a sizable burger, and then an even more sizable slice of birthday cake.  I got home feeling tired and bloated, but knew I still had to fit in a run.  I did 4.2 miles, which was more than I thought I would when I walked out the door, but afterward, I wished I had run earlier in the day so I could've allowed the food and drink to settle in like a brick.

So, it gets done, but 10K in 2 days is pretty weak.

But, if this weekend had been a race for cake consumption, I would've rocked it!


Carolina John said...

I think a cake streak would be an admirable goal to go with the run streak.

Kids screw up everything like that. You want to spend the weekend time with them, but running must go on as well. I try and get it done before they wake up.

Unknown said...

Mmmmm cake...

Mom, inc. said...

im still amazed by your running! i hear you on the challenges of running on the weekend. there is a lot not going in your favor. love the two bahn mi's and the cake consumption ;)

Agate Lake Girl said...

I'm pretty sure I beat you on the cake consumption: birthday cupcakes on Friday, birthday cake on Saturday, leftover birthday cake on Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Good news is: I'm kinda over cake now. :)

Christina said...

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