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Monday, June 03, 2013

Caleb's 2nd Birthday and Day #150

Friday was a big day:  It was Caleb's 2nd birthday, and it was day #150 in my running streak.

For the big dude's b-day, we met some friends at the park for playing, a picnic, and cupcakes:

That afternoon, he opened gifts and we had a special dinner (mac and chz: his request), and more cupcakes.  On Saturday, then, was his big party at Chuck E. Cheese.  In short, he had a blast.

This morning, he had his 2 year old check up, and as always, he was healthy as a little bean sprout.  As for growth, he weighed in at 28 lbs, 2 oz (52%) and was 37* inches tall (97%).  It's funny how kids, even as babies, seem to have a growth trend that is just THEM.  Caleb has always had stats like this: Tall and slim.  I have no idea where he gets either, but it must be nice!

So far, being 2 has been pretty awesome for him.

As for me, with the close of May (logged 123 miles), I rounded out another milestone in my streak: Day #150.  Here I am post run:

The running has been very slow lately, which has been kinda frustrating.  The slowness is maybe in part due to the rise in heat and, especially, humidity, or maybe too has something to do with not taking a day off in 5 months.  Or, it's just part of the running cycle (sometimes, I'm a bit faster; sometimes, I'm slower -- there's no explanation beyond that it seems).
Anyhoo, by now, I'm on day #153 and chugging forward!
*Jerry said the nurse definitely mis-measured, by his estimate of at least 1/2 an inch.  So, Caleb is probably really somewhere in the range of 36-36 1/2 inches, which would put him in a lower percentile, but whatever, I really don't keep track of that stuff very closely.  Let's just say he's somewhere around 3 feet tall.  Bigger than a Smurf, fo sho.


runner26 said...

happy birthday, caleb!! looks like it was a great time. and congrats on keeping the streak going - amazing!

Unknown said...

happy birthday to him! and well done getting to day 150 of the streak!

Julie D said...

All grown up now! Your kids are too cute. Great job on the streak -- you look great!

Agate Lake Girl said...

Glad the little dude had a great birthday and that you were able to keep the streak alive - impressive!

Carolina John said...

Happy birthday to the big boy! Three is a real PITA age. Eventually he'll start talking more, and the toddler turns into a child which is a huge growing pain for him. So cool to watch, less fun to deal with. Good luck!

Carolina John said...

I'm an idiot. it's his second birthday, not third. and you already know the fun perils of 3 with Norah. didn't mean to seem like such an a$$ back there.

Tita Moreira said...

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