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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Park Time

Monday through Friday, I would rather wrestle a bear than put Norah to bed.

On Saturday and Sunday nights, it's smooth sailing; the rest of the week is like a daily session of water boarding -- one evening of a weeknight bed time with Norah, and terrorists the world over would sing their secrets.

The difference is all about naps. At school, Norah naps; at home, on the weekend, she doesn't. I think she is in-between out-growing the need for a daily nap, but at school, they nap.

End of story.

I tried negotiating with her teacher about having her skip it, but my request was pretty much dismissed.

So... I've resorted to a new technique: Try to wear her out each evening. After school, we've been spending about an hour each day at the park. I don't think it helps immensely, but I figure there's no harm in the extra fresh air and activity.

And, as for Caleb, it wipes him out! At least bedtime is easy with one if them.


MCM Mama said...

Gah, I remember that stage! Jones would take these ridiculously long naps at his daycare providers and then stay up later than my husband. I was so glad when we moved past that. Shoo did the same thing, but by then he only had one day of "mom's day out", so it was only one night a week. (But God forbid he fall asleep in the car...)

As with most things, this to shall pass. Now I just tell the 11 year old what time to go to bed and I go to bed earlier LOL.

ajh said...

I had to switch baby sitters when my kids were little as one insisted on my son taking a nap when he was so obviously past it. There were other issues too (food ones) so a move to a new sitter was needed.

Erin said...

It's the age/stage. Miller was the same way and I foresee terrible bedtimes with Mason in the future. Ryan literally will make Miller run around the tree in the front yard before bed if he's got the itch in his eye to stay up late. Unfortunately about the time Norah grows out of it, Caleb will grow into it.

I pretty much assume all parents lied about how wonderful having kids was; otherwise no sane person would chose this form of torture and perpetual tiredness.

fancy nancy said...

Couldn't have described bedtime with a toddler better myself!!!! Em has nap time but she doesn't always sleep or as she would say, she's not a "happy napper"!

Anonymous said...

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Crissy Rae said...

My sis is going through the same bedtime drama with Morgan. That girl is already a great negotiator! Great pics of the kids...they are getting so big!

Carolina John said...

yea she doesn't need the naps anymore! oh wow that is tough.

Great pics! the kids are so cute right now.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that kind of park. I thought maybe you and the Bear were working on another brother or sister.

Agate Lake Girl said...

Maybe we could meet you at the park some day? I feel like we haven't seen you guys in FOREVER! Let us know... :)