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Monday, December 26, 2011

Halleluja and Holy Sh*t!

Where's the Tylenol?

Christmas was great fun this year: Caleb's 1st Christmas and Norah's first Christmas where she really had a grasp on what was going on.  Of course, as wonderful as it was, it was also pure chaos -- a mayhem of presents, over-excitement, and a few meltdowns throw in for good measure.  But for all the madness, having Norah bounce on our bed Christmas morning proclaiming "Santa Claus!  Santa Claus!" pretty much MADE the holiday.

Here's the rundown in pics:

Caleb and his mountain of gifts on Christmas Eve.  Typical baby, he was mainly interested in paper and packaging.

Caleb "reading" one of his books.

Caleb chewing on one of his new toys.

Christmas morning -- Santa Claus! -- and Norah was a flurry of unwrapping.  She loved her gifts, but it was the unwrapping itself which was most pleasurable to her.

The aftermath of Christmas morning: Paper, boxes, and presents strewn EVERYwhere.

Norah prepping for a Christmas morning walk: New sunglasses and her new princess Belle in the stroller.  Her lips are also super glossed with about 18 layers of new lipgloss.

An unexpected favorite was a purple tu-tu that was a stocking stuffer.  She wore it all day on Christmas day (with jeans and tee shirt), and she insisted on wearing it with her PJs to bed as well.

And today, we went to Sugar Sand Park in Boca (carousel, awesome park, and science explorium), and she paired the tu-tu with a Halloween tee, shorts, and princess Crocs.  The girl has S-T-Y-L-E.

All in all, it was a fantastic holiday, but our house feels like a disaster zone, and I'm kinda counting down the hours until noon tomorrow when I drop both kids off at daycare again!


NICOLE said...

Love the tutu! So cute. Merry Christmas.

Agate Lake Girl said...

Looks like a great Christmas was had by all! Our house was a disaster area with presents too. I had to use a laundry basket to go around and pick everything up this morning. :)

P.S. The tutu is too-too cute!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I wish I could take the kids to daycare for a break!

Love your photos the kids are adorable.

That tutu is so cute. LBM got a super hero cape that I thought he'd live in...he hasn't even touched it. It's funny the things they end up liking the best.

runner26 said...

Loved the pics! So fun with the kiddos - can't wait til Willa gets what's going on (tho this year was really fun watching her check out all her presents). Merry Christmas!

MCM Mama said...

Your kids are just ridiculously adorable! (Of course, mine were too at that age LOL).

I just spent mega bucks at Target in an attempt to corral all the Legos that my boys now have. I swear I could build myself a new house with all the legos here...

Erin said...

Mine just left for DC. Ahhhh....you are right; the kids make it special and worthwhile but I am ready for some peace and quiet. Now when does the cleaning fairy come and put it all away?

brenda said...

Who knew that a tutu could go with so many outfits? She rocks it! And that Caleb, I could just eat him up. What a cutie -- Norah too.