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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

7 Things About Norah

Jamoosh tagged me to list "7 random things about Norah."  Harder than it first seems since I already share so many random things about her, but here goes:

1.  Norah's favorite t-shirt is her "Jessie" shirt.  It features Jessie and Bullseye from "Toy Story."  As soon as it's washed, she puts it on -- she doesn't even wait for it to cool from the dryer.
2.  Norah prefers to be barefoot over any kind of shoe.  She kicks off her shoes at any opportunity, and we often refer to her as a "barefoot hippie."  Something tells me she has barefoot running in her future.  But, if she has to wear shoes, she prefers her Crocs, which is just being a clogged-foot hippie ;)

3.  Norah still uses a pacifier.  She especially requires one for sleeping.  We keep hoping she'll just naturally grow out of it, but so far, just wishing that she'll give it up hasn't worked.
4.  Norah's favorite toys are baby dolls and stuffed animals.  They all lead pretty active lives in our home, and some even get the pleasure of dining with her.  Clifford, featured below, is also among the privledeged half dozen who sleep with her.  It's crowded in her little bed.
5.  Despite her affection for cuddly toys, the most surprising toy that Norah loves is Rex.  What's even more comical is how Rex frequently gets very girly makeovers. 
6.  Norah is an early riser.  6:15 is sleeping in to her.  And, she's awake and cheery at that hour.  It's awful.

7.  Norah is fun, outgoing, smart, and charming.  I hope she never changes.
I think I'm supposed to tag 7 more bloggers, but I'm not gonna do that.  And, thus, why chain letters always die with me.


Carly said...

Love this! She is so stinking cute!!!! I can't believe she is such a big girl already.

Lee said...

Haha, love the couch picture. How can that position be comfortable?

Carrie said...

Love the Rex photo!

MCM Mama said...

She's getting so big! I don't envy you 6:15am. Not even one bit.

Unknown said...

Hahaha...my three year old sounds a lot like Norah! She is always barefoot in the house...even in the winters in Jersey when it is really cold! And yes she turned three in Novemeber and still has a pacifier at night. Whatever. I figure she won't go off to college with it, so I'm not gonna stress it

Anonymous said...

When I first saw "Jessie" t-shirt I thought of either Uncle Jesse from Dukes of Hazard or Jesse from Full House. Apparently I am behind the times.

Carolina John said...

She's so cute! Love the fun, outgoing Norah.

Krissy said...

awe...that post is adorable! Norah is a cutie and looks so grown up in that last picture!

Julie D said...

Love that last portrait of her!!!

Btw, I think she's more interesting than me.

Crissy Rae said...

That is such a cute picture of her and your description is so true. She is such a sweet, outgoing, fun little girl to be around.

P.S. Your xmas card is so cute! Love the photo of the two kiddos :)

Allie said...

Love the Rex photo!