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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Goals Reviewed Part 3

Alrighty, the part most of you have been reading for: the running. So, here were my 2010 goals that I set at the beginning of the year for running:

1. Run more miles.

2. Run them faster.

3. Make the half marathon my bitch.

So, how'd I do with the running goals?

#1: Success! In 2009, I ran 437 miles (remember I was pregnant for 8 months of that year), and in 2010, I ran at least 725. I actually ran more than that, but I stopped tracking my mileage in early October because I was feeling so barfy. I was still running, but for some reason the effort it took to record my mileage was just beyond me, so I stopped. But, 725 was the last tally. I was on track to 1,000 miles for the year, but pregnancy once again trumped my efforts.

#2: Mixed bag: success/fail. In many ways, I ran faster than I did in 2009 simply because I spent most of 2009 either pregnant or returning to running post-partum. That was not fast running, so most of the miles I ran in 2010 were faster. I set a new PR for myself in both the 10K and the HM, which is proof that I was a wee bit speedier. However, once preggo again in the fall, that speed completely evaporated. Right now, I have no clue how slow I'm running because I purposely don't wear a Garmin, but I suspect snails could pass me.

#3: Again, I feel as though this is also a mixed bag: success/fail. Obviously, I made that goal as broad and vague as I could, but I suppose I had some grand intentions behind its inception. On the one hand, I did set a new HM PR for myself (2:07 at the Disney Princess HM), and I did run 3 HMs, which is decent for a year's running -- thus, success! But on the other hand, I would have liked to run about 3 more HMs, and had planned to do so this fall and early winter, but, again...pregnancy and puke, puke, puke. Also, I harbor the desire to one day hit and/or break the 2 hour barrier. So that ulterior goal lies somewhere within there -- thus, I feel like this goal remains incomplete.

So, there you go: the year's goals in total! All in all, I think I did well at setting reasonable, attainable goals that all had at least some measurable success. Now, I am, of course, plotting my 2011 goals, which include, obviously, a plan to take over the world!


MCM Mama said...

Considering you were pregnant for some part of 2009 and 2010, I think you did an amazing job at your goals. I'm pretty sure that the year I was pregnant with Shoo, I ran less than 100 miles total.

Go you with your amazing goal getting!

Jess said...

I think you had a really successful year of running this year and I think that fact that you can still run through pregnancy while constantly wanting to puke is really awesome.

Breaking the two hour barrier in the HM is a big goal for me too. I'm hoping to be able to do it in 2011, but it's going to take some work.

Heather said...

Nice job with the miles this year! That 2-hour half marathon has been my arch-enemy for a couple of years . . . maybe 2011??? Happy New Year!

Krissy said...

Any running while being preggo kills any other previous PR in my book! I have had to stop running the week of Thanksgiving and miss it terribly. I wish I could have went longer wih this pregnancy but I do think the snow and cold up here in CT is also a factor, I am at my biggest during the coldest months here. When I was in my last trimester the first go around it was nice and warm and I could get out there because I wasn't as large as I am this time as well.
I am sure your goals for 2011 will be reached you are one dedicated runner, just look at that streak you did! That was pretty bad ass in my opinion!

Unknown said...

I think you did well at achieving your 2010 goals.

Julie D said...

Great job! I understand having the tracking being "beyond" the effort of running.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Congrats on reaching your 2010 goals. My wife and I love your blog - your profile is hilarious. Good luck in '11!

Crissy Rae said...

Sounds like you did a great job with most of your goals. Here's wishing the same success in 2011!

Carolina John said...

very cool. I think you can put the pregnancy asterisk on any "fail" related content and be ok with it.

runner26 said...

Nice work!! I can honestly say i totally understand how pregnancy stifles running endeavors, but the fact that you stuck it out & still accomplished your goals is impressive. Happy new year!

Marlene said...

You put a great dent in your goals for the year... especially since you got yourself knocked up again. :)