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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Yesterday I , of course, did not get up early enough to run outside first thing in the morning, so that meant a trip to the gym and a run on the treadmill. Because four continous miles on the treadmill means almost certain boredom for me, I decided I had a genius plan: run 2 miles, break and do my ab work and then run 2 more miles, thus breaking the run in half. The first two miles went well, and then I stopped, did the the necessary crunches, etc and then really felt like being done.

Uh-oh. This is where the breaking-the-run-in-half idea hit a brick wall. I did not feel like getting back on that machine and running the second two miles. My body was saying, "We're done right?" And then when I climbed back on the treadmill my body said, "What the hell are you doing?"

Dutifully, I got back on there and struggled through the second two miles (at a much slower pace). So, why was this so much more difficult than I imagined it would be? I guess for me, stopping, for whatever length of time, means stopping. My body can't re-invigorate itself and get back into a rythym when it feels the song is over. So I guess that method won't work again. Tomorrow I've really got to try my hardest to wake up early and hit the road before it gets too hot out.


Joe said...

Don't worry about the sport bra thing. Do what makes your feel comfortable. If anyone is staring at you when you are wearing your sports bra they are probably saying to themselves "I just wish I could run like that".

Triseverance said...

I think it's just a habit thing. I don't like to run in the early morning. That's just me and when I do something different from my routine it just doesn't feel right. Changing things up is good to keep things interesting, it does take a while to get used to however. BTW four miles is my limit on the Dreadmill.

pinaypower said...

i know "real" runners hate the treadmill, but it's out of practicality that i use one during the week.

if you embrace it, the treadmill can be your friend :)

Anonymous said...

I agree about embracing the treadmill - you just have to make it interesting. I found that borrowing my boyfriends i-pod really helps. I've also had the problem that if I stop I can't get back on again for another round