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Thursday, December 15, 2005

End of the Semester

Yippie! Today is the end of the semester. That means that I have to read a pile of papers that stretches up to the ceiling, but it also means that by this time tomorrow, I will be finished with this term. I'm ready to be done with this semester: We had so many disruptions from the busy hurricane season (including two full weeks off after Wilma swept through in October), and I don't know if that's why students seem so out of it or what, but I've also had many student issues this semester. Lots of problems with absences, tardys, late work, etc -- all the stuff that can make teaching tedious work and makes students so much less enjoyable ( I am particularly glad to see one guy go -- he gave me trouble all semester and I wish I had the grounds to fail him).

But that is behind me, and now I have two weeks off to rest and rejuvenate and get ready for the next semester so I can be fresh and ready for a new batch.

Despite the busy day today, I demonstrated my new committment to the training schedule by taking time to leave campus and go run the designated distance for the day. I really love the idea of such a cemented routine -- it helps to eliminate all excuses I manufacture, and with the next two weeks much more open, I will hopefully have the time to truly make progress with this new endeavor.

But, right now, I must return to essay reading and assessing -- what joy!

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Brooke said...

Congrats on another semester down the hatch. I'm on the other end of you though, as a student I'm happy to be done with work and finals for the next three weeks. Yeah!!! Have a great break