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Friday, November 25, 2005

Wedding Day!

Today is the day! I can't believe it's already here. I don't know if it will feel real until it's over; it just doesn't seem possible. It's like Christmas when you're a kid; you wait for it for so long that when the day actually arrives, it feels a bit unreal. How could the sun shine like it does on any other ordinary day?

In twenty minutes I have to head out the door and begin the long morning of getting ready. I'm getting my nails done, then coming home and having my hair and make-up done. Then, we zip on the dress and head out around 1 pm. The ceremony isn't until 4:30, but we need time to get there and get lots of pictures taken (thus the painstaking measures taken for my hair, make-up, etc). I'm a little nervous for the day, but I think I'm ready for the marriage part. Scary, huh? Earlier in my life I wasn't sure if I would ever be ready, but I actually feel absolutely certain about my husband-to-be, and I think that's what counts on a day like this.

I slept well last night -- I was exhausted after the Thanksgiving extravaganza -- and I only woke up a few times from dreams about the wedding. Nothing bad (no visions of black wedding dresses or late bridesmaids). Of course, I've been up since early this morning pacing around, eating my cereal, staring out the window.

So this is it, the big day. No running today (I'll be dancing my legs off later anyway). I wonder if the day will be as great as the day our power was restored? Can anything be so wonderful?


Anonymous said...

I don't know you, but was googling 21 days and habit (for my own blog)-- And yours popped up. I hope your wedding day was fabulous. :c)

Keep at the running!

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog one day when searching how to form a habit. I really enjoy reading it and hope that you continue to post. May you and your new husband have many many years of health, wealth, and happiness.

Liv said...

I too came across your blog this week and think it's fucking fantastic! You actually make me laugh out loud, alone, in front of my computer - how sad :P Hope you had a fantastic wedding and honeymoon, all the best to you and your husband, and keep posting!