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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rollering and a Reminder

Last night, I diligently foam rollered while I watched "Top Chef" -- dang, that is the best show around, but like "Project Runway," I think it's becoming predictable; still, it's predictably awesome. Anyway, back to the rollering: I rollered for like a full 30 minutes, so my muscles were essentially like buttah afterward, and I used that newfound flexibility to do some light yoga and some stretching. Felt SO good.

The result?

Legs are feeling good today. And that only took, what, 4 days? No problemo. Anyhoo...with the newly loosened legs, I think I will try to do about 6 miles this evening, but what I also have to do this evening is read a whole stack of papers. Blech. I really don't wanna.

In other news, I hope you guys are paying attention to the fact that my b-day is only 5 days away now. I hope you're working extra hard in composing that b-day blog toast in my honor and considering your drink of choice for when you compose it. April 22nd. Jess Day. Yeah, just cross out "Earth" on your desk calendars, write "Jess," and you'll be sure to remember.


Wes said...

Phew! Thanks for reminding me I need to go by the liquor store :-) Who cares about the Earth anyways when we have Jess?

RazZDoodle said...

Hmm. I was going to buy you a roller.

Top Chef is exceptionally boring this year. It was more fun when there was that one person everyone universally hated. That, and the QuickFires used to be more inventive.

My $.02

sRod said...

True, I miss the Hungs and Marcel of the cooking world. I have regularly fallen asleep while watching this season (not so in previous seasons).

Marcy said...

You know I'm all set for Jess Day! Par-tay! I told Mr McG to buy the keg already :P

chia said...

Jess Day? Alright, I'm down with that! We should still remember to recycle the bottle(s) our respective toasts come from :-).

Anonymous said...

yay. For the foam roll.

And, oh wow I love Bravo reality!

J~Mom said...

I am so glad you reminded us about Jess day.

I am glad you are grading your papers. In my class we have not gotten back the last SIX papers yet. How do you like that? I prefer to have a little feedback now and then.

teacherwoman said...

"Jess Day" ... That has a nice ring to it! ;)

Glad to hear the muscles are loosening up and sounds like you had quite a good time with soccer! That's coo!

Erin said...

Jeepers, you would think you are turning the Big 3-0 or something and that you are cool...Jess Day. Hah!

;) Just giving you hell. With all the reminders, I bet I still forget on that day and remember the next morning to call you.

Crystal said...

Haven't seen Top Chef myself but I am a big fan of Project Runway and Workout, among others.

Jess Day is soon approaching. Are you ready for it?

Kevin said...

Hi Jess. just came across you blog. I actually grew up in South Fla (North Lauderdale). I love my roller, though I really need to use it more. My only problem is that my dogs love to lick attack me when I get down on the floor.

I will have to look at my calendar and scratch out the earth and make it jess day

Viv said...

This is my first TC season, and I am enjoying it so far. I have heard previous seasons were mo' betta. I'm going to give Workout a try. I am glad the rollering & streching helped. I am too lazy to roller myself. How terrible is that?!
I will toast you on your birthday. I just better think of a whitty toast.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

I guess I'll just give your present to Wendy. Juuust kidding. We will miss you.

I wish I had the patience to roller that much.